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We are proud of our professional network of partners - Each partner brings a valuable service to their communities

DIBZER Modifications

DIBZER Modifications has been producing high quality vehicle models since 2019 but started way back in 2013 developing NON-ELS models for GTA IV.

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FAXES has been in the development community since 2017 starting off in FiveM and over time moving to Discord Bots and Website development. He runs a few projects including Disbot and #StrongerTogether.

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Hamz Development

Hamz provides unique products to make your community standout! Hamz has created a CAD, Staff Panel, Forms and a Department Panel for the FiveM community.

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Hotel Hyperz

Hyperz is a freelance designer, software programmer and YouTuber. He offers advanced custom discord bots, free release software and coding help/support for new users.

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NuclearTheDev Designs

NuclearTheDev Designs is a FiveM development server that offers custom commissions and pre-made packs for EUP textures and liveries... On the side Nuclear has been practicing with Blender and Zmodeler for in the future to create custom EUP and vehicle models.

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Personalized Modifications

Personalized Modifications offers cheap, quality products for the FiveM community. This includes Vehicles, Discord Bots, Websites and Skins. They are dedicated to making a change in the modding community, one client at a time..

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Pluto's World

Pluto's World is an experienced team of developers bringing software to the Discord community through their input and tailoring custom software to their needs.

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Zeakor Designs

Zeakor is an 18 year old GTA 5 Vehicle Modeler. He has been making GTA 5 Models for over 2 years. He makes Law Enforcement Cars, Fire Department Cars/Apparatus, EMS Cars/Apparatus and DOT/Construction Cars.

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